Helpful tips from our experts

Choosing the right garage door

The garage door has become such a prominent part of the facade of new homes, that manufacturers now offer more styles and colours than before. If you are in the process of choosing a new garage door, let us help with our useful tips:

  1. Choose a style that matches the architecture of your home. Consider the aesthetics. How will your new garage door compliment the existing style of the rest of your house? We recommend that customers paint their door the colour that suits them, if white isn’t to their taste and to choose the window pattern that best matches their home (if windows are ordered).
  2. Find out about replacement parts. At AGSL, we streamline the doors that we carry so that if an accident occurs, the panel/part can be easily replaced in a timely manner. This saves the customer from having to replace the entire door or wait lengthy periods for custom orders to arrive with the prominent risk of damage due to loose cargo shipping.
  3. Ensure your garage door has the safety requirements you need. It needs to have the functionality to access your home & belongings, but also the safety requirements to ensure it is safe from harming anyone.
  4. Teach your family to be safe around garage doors. Teach family members & children not to play around garage doors. Ensure you point out the sensor area of the garage door and talk about standing out of the way when the door is being operated
  5. Understand the maintenance required. Like any other mechanical feature, your garage door should be serviced by a professional every few years to ensure the integrity of the parts is still sound.