King Long

Heavy duty operator for residential and industrial swing gates

Swing Gate Systems

Rated for gates weighing up to 500kg and 5meters in width

  • Suggested daily cycles of 150/33seconds
  • Robust heavy duty design with die cast aluminium exterior and powder coated dual colour finish
  • Heavy duty AC motor
  • Manual release/override lock with personalized key or allen key
  • Functional use anywhere from residential dwellings, gated communities and apartment blocks to large company premises
  • Made and designed to operate silently and to provide long term durability
  • 3 thread endless screw with a double helical gear and a bronze trolley designed to guarantee maximum strength and reliability
  • Fitted with a built-in adjustable mechanical stopper
  • Gate and column brackets are made of solid zinc coated steel
  • Made in ITALY by RIB