Operator for residential sliding gates

Sliding Gate Systems

Rated for gates weighing up to 400kg

  • Suggested daily cycles of 78/5meters
  • Available with magnetic limit switches
  • Battery backup compatible and can do up to 30 cycles with two 1.2Ah batteries during a blackout
  • Equipped to allow height adjustment with zinc coated base plate
  • Easy manual release/override with customized key
  • Deceleration when approaching opening and closure
  • Speed can be adjusted from 9 to 20 m/min
  • DC motor facilitates a quiet operation
  • Made in ITALY by RIB
  • The control board can handle up to 1000 sun remotes
  • Used with linear gears made of nylon on anodized steel which reduces wear and requires no lubrication.
  • Special factory made 120V model available for an additional charge depending on stock